You Can’t-Miss These Talks & Exhibitions At Salone Del Mobile 2023

The Salone del Mobile’s cultural program of events and settings, curated by Beppe Finessi and created by the Formafantasma studio, presents a variety of content, including a palimpsest of conversations with notable personalities of the design world, organized by Annalisa Rosso. With Salone Del Mobile 2023 right around the corner, Inspiration & Ideas gathered a list of the talks and exhibitions you cannot miss this year! Continue reading to discover more.

You Can't-Miss These Talks & Exhibitions At Salone Del Mobile 2023

Let’s talk about design

Talks & Exhibitions You Cannot Miss At Salone Del Mobile 2023

The Salone del Mobile event in 2023 looks to be a spectacular exhibition of the newest developments in furniture, lighting, and interior design. From April 18 through April 23, designers, manufacturers, and architects from all over the world will get together in Milan to exhibit their newest products and services, ranging from textiles and lighting to furniture and home decor. Visitors can anticipate seeing a wide variety of innovative designs that highlight the fusion of age-old craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology.

You Can't-Miss These Talks & Exhibitions At Salone Del Mobile 2023
Salone del Mobile 2023

Additionally, a selection of events and seminars with some of the most well-known names in the design world is also available for guests to enjoy. Below, you can find the complete guide to the talks and exhibitions you can’t miss this year!

Do You Speak Design?

Aurore by Formafantasma

You Can't-Miss These Talks & Exhibitions At Salone Del Mobile 2023
Aurore by Formafantasma

The City of Lights, which has an urban-style layout and offers chances for interchange, rest, interaction, and learning, is the idea and unifying thread that connects the display, commercial, and cultural parts of Euroluce 2023 together. Aurore, a plaza and arena built by Formafantasma to host a variety of events as well as provide immersive and contemplative experiences created on the spot, is located in the centre of these areas, in Pavilion 13.

Curated Talks

The Annalisa Rosso-curated program will put a special emphasis on lighting, technology, and sustainability. It will enliven the show with discussions and debates led by some of the most accomplished individuals in the modern lighting project field. This a sincere invitation to think deeply and constructively about pressing modern issues that concern us all, such as the ecological transition and the role of technology in the near future. Shigeru Ban, Nao Tamura, Kjetil Traedal Thorsen, Marius Myking of Snhetta, as well as Andrea D’Antrassi of MAD, are the names that have been announced so far. They will be questioned by an equal number of foreign journalists about how advancements in the lighting industry might enhance our quality of life in the future. The main character in the history of Italian design, the iconic Gaetano Pesce, will be present in the Salone Satellite area.

4 Exhibitions That Are Must-See

You Can't-Miss These Talks & Exhibitions At Salone Del Mobile 2023
Hélène Binet, Atelier Peter Zumthor, Bruder Klaus Field Chapel, Wachendorf, Germany, 2009

The solo exhibition of Hélène Binet, one of the most significant contemporary photographers, will be curated and installed by Massimo Curzi. It will include a unique collection of pictures that demonstrate how her work examines the connection between natural light and architecture.

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An exhibition honouring the traditional incandescent light bulb will be curated and installed by Martina Sanzarello. It will tell a modern tale based on art and design using a series of light bulbs that have been altered from their straightforward use to become unsettling objects and tiny experimental installations.

The From Outer Space studio has set up a display of “artificial stars” that Matteo Pirola has created. These luminary objects are being examined by “astronomer-designers,” who are coming up with objects that show luminary happenings, orbiting spheres, reflective surfaces, blinding eclipses, and coloured auroras.

You Can't-Miss These Talks & Exhibitions At Salone Del Mobile 2023

In a layout filled with accents and light spots, a light source can be seen that inhabits and modifies the space in an interesting way. Michele Cazavara will curate a collection of architectural photos of interiors in which artificial light is the protagonist. The arrangement of this exhibition, created by Berfu Bengisu Goren, results in a mixed encounter because the physical space designated for the exhibition will also serve as a location for exhibiting companies‘ workshops, professional gatherings, and technical and technological displays.

The Bookshop

The site-specific installation “you can imagine the opposite” will be created by Maurizio Nannucci, one of the most influential interpreters of artificial light in modern art. It challenges the audience to be imaginative, inquisitive, and ethical. Another key space, and a genuine “culture fortress” will consist of a specialised design, art, and illustration bookshop, which will also stock literary tomes that explore the idea of light in diverse ways. The project was designed by the Formafantasma studio to be an intimate, hospitable setting, and it will be curated by Corraini Editori.

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You Can't-Miss These Talks & Exhibitions At Salone Del Mobile 2023

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You Can't-Miss These Talks & Exhibitions At Salone Del Mobile 2023
You Can't-Miss These Talks & Exhibitions At Salone Del Mobile 2023

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You Can't-Miss These Talks & Exhibitions At Salone Del Mobile 2023

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