The Armchair: A Throne Of Luxury In Interior Design

In interior design, every element has a role to play, but none commands attention quite like the armchair. It’s more than just a piece of furniture; it’s an embodiment of comfort and style. Boca do Lobo understands armchairs’ pivotal role in curating sumptuous living spaces. Boca do Lobo Blog explores the world of armchairs and how to style them to perfection.

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Armchair: the throne of comfort

The Armchair: A Throne Of Luxury In Interior Design

Armchairs are more than mere seating arrangements; they are symbols of comfort and indulgence. In the heart of your living room or bedroom, they are inviting thrones, beckoning you to unwind and savour life’s moments in utter luxury. Boca do Lobo‘s armchairs are designed with an unwavering commitment to luxury, ensuring they not only provide a comfortable resting place but also become statement pieces that transform your interiors into a realm of extravagant living.

Nº 11 Armchair & Navarra Center Table

Embrace variety

The Armchair: A Throne Of Luxury In Interior Design

One of the key virtues of armchairs is their versatility. Boca do Lobo offers an array of armchair styles, each designed to cater to different interior aesthetics. Whether it’s the classic charm, the modern vibe of a sleek armchair, or the extravagant beauty of a handcrafted masterpiece, armchairs from Boca do Lobo fit into various design schemes, breathing life into any space.

Versailles Armchair & Empire Center Table

Anchoring your space

Armchairs have a unique ability to anchor a room’s design. They can create cosy corners in open spaces or define the seating area within a grand living room. When selecting an armchair from Boca do Lobo, consider its proportions, colour, and texture in relation to the room’s layout. A bold, vibrant armchair can be the focal point, while a subtler design can complement existing decor, creating a harmonious balance.

Imperfectio Round Armchair

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Pairing and styling

two green armchairs with golden details, two golden center tables, a fragmented mirror with a golden frame and a plant

Pairing armchairs with other furniture is an art in itself. Boca do Lobo‘s design philosophy encourages mixing and matching styles and materials. For instance, a plush velvet armchair can be paired with a sleek, modern coffee table to create a contrast. Incorporating a side table or an elegant floor lamp can add a touch of functionality and sophistication.

Soleil Armchair & Eden Series Center Table

Tailored elegance

The Armchair: A Throne Of Luxury In Interior Design

Boca do Lobo‘s commitment to luxury extends beyond design; it is embedded in every meticulous detail. From selecting the finest materials to handcrafting each piece, our armchairs are a testament to our dedication to excellence. Customization options allow you to choose the perfect upholstery, finishes, and even embellishments, ensuring your armchair is a reflection of your unique style.

Imperfectio Armchair

The Armchair: A Throne Of Luxury In Interior Design

Boca do Lobo‘s armchairs are more than furniture; they are statements of opulence, comfort, and individuality. Elevate your living spaces with meticulously crafted armchairs, and let them become the embodiment of your unique style and uncompromising taste.

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