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Top Dutch interior designer Eric Kuster’s own brand lives under the name of Metropolitan Luxury. There could not be two words better suited to sit side-by-side and describe his unique style, which relies on the perfect balance of classic and contemporary, European and international.

Since establishing his own brand in 1999, Eric Kuster has become a world-renowned interior designer who counts many famous names among his clients. He also creates exclusive interior design products, from furniture and fabrics to luxury home accessories and fragrances under his Metropolitan Luxury label. And shares his extensive knowledge of design via his bi-annual magazine, Entourage and numerous books, including the latest ‘Eric Kuster Interior Design‘. All this, establishes Eric Kuster: the holistic lifestyle guru, known for producing beautiful objects and textiles, alongside pure interior design and beyond.

interior designer

interior designer

“I love my work, I love my company. Of course, I have good days and bad days, just like everyone else, but it is mostly good. Always after a bad day you have a good one and the positives outweigh the negatives ten fold.” Eric Kuster

In addition to exclusive residential projects, his projects also include yacht interior design and hotels, as well as commercial interior design projects, ranging from legendary Amsterdam club Jimmy Woo’s to Barcelona’s Camp Nou Stadium. Kuster consistently exceeds the expectations of his customers, who are as picky as they are prominent. He succeeds by ensuring that individual elements are as impeccable as the whole. From every textile to each piece of furniture, and each artwork to every color combination, craftsmanship is key. The Dutch native says of his work: “There is a signature, but every project is bespoke like creating an haute couture dress or tailored suit. It has to be the perfect fit. I do not do copy and paste.”

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