Discover The Parisian Apartment Of Hervé Van der Straeten

Hervé Van der Straeten and his fashion-world husband have decorated their Parisian apartment with an artfully arranged assemblage of covetable pieces both old and new.

When furniture designer Hervé Van der Straeten and his husband, Bruno Frisoni, decided to sell their loft-like apartment in Paris’s 12th arrondissement, they set out looking for something different. What they found was a 1,750-square-foot one-bedroom apartment on the Île Saint-Louis, right in the center of the city.

Left: In the dining room, 18th-century-style chairs surround Van der Straeten’s Perturbation table, to the left of which sits a Pierre Malphettes sculpture titled Un Rocher. Right: My Student, a 2012 Mao Yan painting, hangs over a Regency console on top of which stand a glass vase from the 1970s and a series of ceramic pieces created by Andrea Branzi for Sèvres-Cité de la Céramique

The pair did very little work in the Île Saint-Louis apartment. They simply repainted the walls, which were formerly what Van der Straeten describes as a “cold white,” mostly substituting neutral tones like cream, a pale aqua green and a pinkish beige.

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Hervé Van der Straeten

Hervé Van der Straeten

Not surprisingly, Van der Straeten filled the interiors largely with his own creations. These include his angular, origami-like Réaction mirror, in the library; his Chinese-inspired Shanghai armchairs, in the living room; and, in the dining room, his Perturbation table, whose base is composed of stainless-steel cubes stacked in higgledy-piggledy fashion.

Hervé Van der Straeten

Van der Straeten and Frisoni’s approach to art is similarly eclectic. Works in the Île Saint-Louis apartment range from a 16th-century Flemish canvas depicting Venus and the Four Seasons to one of Massimo Vitali’s iconic beach photos and a rock-like sculpture in metal by Pierre Malphettes.  “We generally buy things very quickly and without regret,” says Frisoni. “It’s more a question of instinct than something thought through.”

Hervé Van der Straeten

    By: Vera Silva


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