High-End Residential Projects by Carlyle Designs

Contemporary interior design is Jordan Carlyle’s territory. The founder of Carlyle Designs is responsible for interior projects that are the epitome of elegant modern luxury. From commercial to high-end residential projects, the design firm has completed several creations in New York City, Los Angeles, Washington D. C., the Hamptons, Long Island and Miami, among others.

Discover some of the Best Interior Designers From New York City

Best Interior Designers From New York City (PART X)

Founded in 2007, Carlyle Designs is one of the most recognized and popular interior design studios in New York City. Known for high-end residential projects, the design firm combines traditional details with a modern style, creating truly amazing design inspirations!

Over the years, Carlyle Designs has become the synonym of luxurious interior design, achieved through a beautifully harmonious synergy between eclectic and minimalistic styles.  Clean lines and monochrome schemes meet pops of color, gold and bronze detailing and antique pieces to achieve an elegant modern luxury.  

Old and new are intertwined in the design firm’s interior design projects, which is why the spaces they create seem to tell a story. Places to be lived, enjoyed, and admired! High-end residential projects are Jordan Carlyle’s forte. Being one of the best interior designers out there, Carlyle has been responsible for designing record selling townhouses in New York City, where the firm is based. Comfort, sophistication, and an exceptional aesthetic vision are the keys to create a truly luxurious interior design project, according to the design firm.

Carlyle Designs draws inspiration from art and culture, their work perfectly balances glamour and a bespoke attitude. The Cast Iron House in Tribeca, New York, is one of the design firm’s best examples when it comes to high-end residential projects. This work is an ode to modern luxury. A light color palette enhances the house’s architectural features, pops of color give it a sort of playful style which is elevated using bespoke furniture and pieces of art. Golds and silvers provide an extra luxurious touch in this incredible interior design inspiration by Carlyle Designs.

The New Jersey Residence is another incredible interior design project by the firm. Golds and pastel tones provide a calm and yet sophisticated ambiance, elevated by the incredible designer furniture which gives the space depth and texture, with its different shapes and materials. Touches of grey and pink give a feminine touch to this amazing and unique high-end residential project.

Carlyle Designs is undoubtedly one of the best interior design firms in New York City. Specializing in high-end residential projects, they create synergetic spaces that beautifully blend classic and contemporary interior design. If you want to see more of the design firm’s work, visit their website and prepare to be inspired!

Discover some of the Best Interior Designers From New York City

Best Interior Designers From New York City (PART X)


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