Ovadia Design Group – Best Design Firms in New York City

Design Firms turn into reality what we envision and dream. New York City, known for being one of the main capital cities in fashion, art, and design, is the inspirational heaven for interior designers, as it as has an incomparable vibrant and revolutionary visual scene. Its edginess and restlessness are present in the people who call New York home, and that is perceivable by what they build and create. New York is the perfect place for those who love sophisticated and luxurious design!

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We bring you what we consider to be some of the best design firms in New York City. Today it’s Ovadia Design Group’s turn, a design firm that is responsible for truly luxurious interior projects.

The New York-based design firm was founded by Jack Ovadia, a designer with a diverse background and experience. He believes that beauty is in the details, which is why the design firm controls everything, from the colour palette do the materials used, from the enhancement of architectural features to the use of unique furnishings. The design firm creates true design inspirations!

Ovadia Design Group – Best Design Firms in New York City
Brooklyn Residence
Source: Ovadia Design Group
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Ovadia Design Group is an award-winning architectural interior design company which specializes in high-end commercial and residential interior design projects. Their team is known for creating innovative spaces using thinking outside of the box mindset.

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Ovadia Design Group – Best Design Firms in New York City
Upper East Side
Source: Ovadia Design Group

They also believe that the process of creation should be collaborative, which is why Ovadia Design Group makes sure that the staff and the client are constantly connected. Only with a strong relationship between the customer and the team, can an interior project really be rewarding and inspiring. They use bespoke furniture in many of their designs, and in the Upper East Side project, the interior design firm chose the Wave Center Table by Boca do Lobo as a focus piece.

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Although based in New York City, the design firm has been influenced by a multitude of places, and their innovative design is truly unprecedented. Edgy, like the city that harbors them, Ovadia Design Group creates interior designs which break from the traditional standards.

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The design firm has worked in numerous interior design projects such as the UES Pied-À-Terre, several Brooklyn Residences, Private Estate and the W Residence Showhouse, just to mention a few.

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It is impossible to be indifferent to the interiors the design firm creates. They are visually strong and quiet complex. Bold colors meet daring patterns, high-end furnishings meet designer decor. All to create spaces which are meant to last through generations. Timeless spaces and design inspirations that are meant to be lived, enjoyed and admired.

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Ovadia Design Group vision is unique, and by working closely with their clients, they’ve cemented their position as one of the best design firms in New York’s competitive market.

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