Robin Mirror – The Legend Born in The Depths of Sherwood Forest

Searching deep into the fairytale forests to create this mirror, Boca do Lobo took influence from the magic of familiar tales as the foundation behind the Robin Mirror. Based on the legendary archer from the Sherwood forest, Robin is a testimonial to the beauty and detail that the brand pride themselves on in each piece they design.

robin mirror

Providing a contemporaneous twist to the intensity and magic of the grand ages of England’s history and the tales they told, the Robin Mirror has an impeccable level of visual texture, the rounded reflective exterior enclosed by a forest of handmade golden pins.

All of the nails is quite unique, meaning that their ending, size, and position are one of a kind and interesting, attracting people closer so that they can analyze the artisanal features of the piece all the easier.

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Even the mirror itself has a contemporaneous quirky character, and the fisheye arch of the piece is a far cry from the plane mirrors that punctuate various houses.

Although this bulging form does make the reflection a tiny warped, it is this mesmerizing Alice in the Wonderland-like feature that helps set off the charm of the piece, strongly proclaiming it a craft of art as well as an ornamental fitting piece.


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Boca do Lobo’s Robin Mirror is not simply a way to join some fairytale celebration to a place, but also a chic and up-to-date piece that will improve your interior, performing the part of a statement piece whilst also assisting a significant role.

A mirror that sustains the glamor and glitz of Boca do Lobo to the full, the Robin Mirror is unquestionably the fairest of them all, and no wicked queen can change that.


Robin Mirror is composed by a set of hand-made brass nails with hand-made textures applied.



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