Where To Shop – The Best Luxury Showrooms In Kyiv

Kyiv is a vast and beautiful city, one that boasts incredible visuals all around, but its luxury showrooms shine bright as visionaries and true creative forces to be reckoned with. This list will bring to you the interior design stores and luxury showrooms that have left a strong impression in the design world. With no further ado, here they are!

#1 – САЛОН Design Shop

The Best Design Showrooms In Kyiv

The main goal of this design shop is to develop the national market they operate in. The shop also hopes to further the aesthetics of the Ukrainian homes, bringing functionality and powerful bold furniture that imbues each home with a unique identity.

#2 – MIK Design

The Best Design Showrooms In Kyiv

MIK Design offers a large range of furniture and lighting solutions. The shop boasts a professional team that will tell you all the latest trends in the design world so you can make the best possible choice.

#3 – Yakusha Design

The Best Design Showrooms In Kyiv

Yakusha Design is a design studio founded by architect and designer Victoria Yakusha in 2006. The studio boasts a design store, named FAINA, and delivers various solutions to design, delivering on design trends that will please any client.

Covet HouseBoca do LoboLuxxuMaison ValentinaPullCastCircu

#4 – Sfera Design

The Best Design Showrooms In Kyiv

Sfera Design offers various solutions to different types of needs. The design store based in Kyiv collaborates with many furniture brands to bring to the client the best possible products to decorate the home with.

#5 – OK Gallery

The Best Design Showrooms In Kyiv

OK Gallery has been operating in the design field for 16 years, and its main goal is to satisfy the needs of the clients. The mission behind this group is to make this world a better place by creating and completing unique interiors for their clients.

#6 – 31Gallery

The Best Design Showrooms In Kyiv

31Gallery is a design space that aims to combine a showroom of furniture with interior items, having a large collection of fantastic solutions for every client who wishes to create modern interiors and conceptual landscapes.

Stay with us to discover more Luxury Showrooms!

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