A Modern House Surrounded by A Tropical Paradise by Greg Natale

Greg Natale designs a modern house in Australia that resembles a holiday resort, wrapped in tropical surroundings and overlooking the sea, enjoy an exquisite interior design inspired by nature and summer trends.
In the State of Queensland, Australia, there is an oceanic wonder, Hamilton Island. A heavenly place with white sand beaches and crystal clear water that, not complying, has the most famous reef in the world. Overlooking this landscape, a young family has decided to settle their small resort in a holiday home. The interior design of this modern house is provided by Greg Natale so let’s take a look. Wood covers the walls, the floor, and the ceiling, combined with an olive, gray and coral green palette that recalls the colors of the flora, fauna, and reef in the area.

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Nature thus becomes the starting point for the modern design, and each corner reflects the colors, shapes, and textures of its surroundings. The modern house has eight bedrooms organized in an open plan, which helps to connect the exteriors with the interior. A series of interconnected pavilions look towards the patios and the two swimming pools, creating an aerial and fresh sensation, perfect for a summer destination.,For the master bedroom designGreg Natale has chosen softer tones of the same coral range. Can’t you just imagine yourself spending your vacation inside of this modern house? In this luxury house, nature is the one that reigns.

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