Adriana Nicolau, An Interior Designer With A Sophistication Flair

Interior designerAdriana Nicolau is one of the best interior designers from Spain. Able to create and to build remarkable interior design projects and environments, the sophistication is her modern design signature and also the main reason why her unique designs are so timeless.
This apartment designed for a successful businessman in the capital led to a total reform of all rooms, where the client wanted to define their own style in each room. Located in the Salamanca neighborhood in Madrid, this space truly enhances the client’s wishes and the interior designer‘s skills.

Welcome to her space! A big box of ideas, dreams, beauty, creation and much, much passion. People describe the interior designer as a big smile. She loves the sun, she loves the sea and she needs every so often, a small dose of oxygen in other countries and cultures.

Adriana Nicolau, An Interior Designer With A Sophistication Flair

Traveling is part of her wealth and fuels and inspires, Spanish interior designer, Adriana Nicolau‘s inspiration. Perhaps this is why the contemporary design projects of her study are loaded with light, joy, audacity, and life.

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Adriana Nicolau, An Interior Designer With A Sophistication Flair It is noticeable that the interior designer seeks inspirations worldwide. There are several “footprints” of this all around the corners of the house and actually, it is why it is so special and unique. Winner of fifty awards, Nicolau believes that each project is unique and that it is key to treat each one as such, throughout squeezing all your possibilities and ideas into that specific interior design project.

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