Creative Tile Ideas for Modern Interiors

Creative Tile Ideas for Modern Interiors – Whether for a kitchen, a modern entryway or a modern bathroom, tiles are always a smart option for your luxury home decor. They are also a great way to create visual interest and a luxury home decor. Take them out of hiding and let different surfaces throughout your luxury home become the focal point of attention.

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Wall Tiles

Using interesting tile on the wall is a practical alternative to wallpaper, especially where wallpaper runs the risk of peeling, or if you’re looking for something that can stand up to scuffing.


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Whether for a kitchen, a modern entryway or a modern bathroom, tiles are always a smart option for your luxury home decor.


Creative Tile Ideas


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Contrasting Tile

We just love the idea of using a different kind of tile on the walls then you have on the floor. The contrast created by using an array of colors, styles, and sizes will create a walk-in jewel box that will add a punch of excitement to your luxury lifestyle.

Boca do Lobo’s Heritage Sideboard contrasts perfectly with a neutral color palette, creating a special center of attention.


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You also can use tile to create designated spaces within large rooms in the form of a tile “rug” within the floor design.


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Whether it’s a welcoming pattern in the foyer that leads your guests down the hall or the look of a rug in front of your tub, using carefully chosen tile that accents the rest of your flooring is a sophisticated move.


Woodgrain Tiles 

Woodgrain tiles come in an almost infinite number of sizes and “finishes.” They can be used in the bathroom, kitchen or modern living room for a wood look without the danger of damaging the precious hardwood.Any design can be achieved with this brilliant tites!

Creative Tile Ideas

More Ideas

Refreshing the outdated surround on a fireplace is a surefire way to update the entire look of your modern living room. Take it a step further and update the hearth, or even the mantel, to create a unique fireplace that perfectly suits your style.

Creative Tile Ideas


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Creative Tile Ideas

Another great way to use tile is on your stair risers. This adds visual interest to an unexpected area by giving it a punch of color.

Creative Tile Ideas

Instead of artwork, you can also use colored tiles to give a bit of color to your luxury interiors.

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We hope we’ve given you some creative Inspirations & Ideas for your next project. What’s your favorite way to decorate using tile?


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