Inspiring Interior Design Projects To Discover In Paris (Part 1!)

Paris Interior Design Projects’ style and French country décor get the furniture to impact a flowing feel to a living space. Lines are curved, while there is no hint of ornamentation or opulence, as natural materials, like wood with carvings and a low key finish, are used. Let’s discuss some aspects of French style interior design projects that stand out, talking about different kinds of Parisien interior design projects, and then moving on to elements design styles in different kinds of living spaces.

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Art Chic Apartment by PFB Design

Inspiring Interior Design Projects To Discover In Paris (Part 1!)

The renovation of a Haussmann style apartment in Paris, conducted by the French designer Patricia Mauguy Flores, from PFB Design, is one of the latest interior design projects in which BRABBU’s products have been included. The restoration of this private residence was handed to Patricia Mauguy Flores by a young family that trusted the designer’s talent for mixing modernism and tradition, comfort and originality, while effectively transforming the house into a unique space.

Castelbrac Hotel by Sandra Benhamou

Inspiring Interior Design Projects To Discover In Paris (Part 1!)

The “Aquarium bar” was built within the former aquarium museum. The bar, lit by gold leaf suspension lamps, is glittery granite, dressed with wave patterns in metallic silver tones. The first peculiar object of its interior design is the KOI Center Table from BRABBU. Highly appreciated for its decorative purposes, the table possesses a recurring symbol of Japanese culture. These KOI scales on the sides of the tables shine and reflect, in the brass surface, the sun glistening across the clear water – a perfectly subtle marine reference for the bar’s aquarium inspiration.

Classic Apartment In Paris by Studio 54

Inspiring Interior Design Projects To Discover In Paris (Part 1!)

In the dining area, the chandelier belongs to the Art Deco style, and in the living room, to pure classics. Belonging to the dining area, here’s Galliano Wall Lamp, a special modern wall lamp with a minimalist style that allows you to fit it in every room of your home, regardless of the style of your interior design project.

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Colorful Apartment In Paris by GCG Architectes

Inspiring Interior Design Projects To Discover In Paris (Part 1!)

GCG Architectes is a multidisciplinary agency born from a meeting between three architects. Alexandre Goulet, Olivia Charpentier and Dev Gupta. Reunited for the first time during a competition for the creation of the new Chongqing city centre, they discover their complementarity. After five years of working in France and abroad, they founded GCG Architects in 2012 in Paris.

Fresh Paris Apartment by Nika Vorotyntseva

Inspiring Interior Design Projects To Discover In Paris (Part 1!)

The owners of this apartment are a young couple that loves travelling and having guests over. The interior design project, created for them, shall render the atmosphere of the place and at the same time bring a sense of freshness, openness, and modernity.

House Of BL Paris

Harmonious Parisian Apartment by Didier Gomez

Inspiring Interior Design Projects To Discover In Paris (Part 1!)

Filled with sculptural aesthetics and modern furniture pieces with a unique design, Gomez designed a marvellous harmony and synchronization in this contemporary apartment. This colourful and modern house is situated in a 17th-century building with high ceilings, and it used to be a pharmaceutical factory. Located in the Le Marais neighbourhood, the architectural building features high ceilings and has a private wonderful garden: all these things and details inspired Didier Gomez and helps him to create a contemporary interior design with a confident use of colour and a gorgeous art collection. However, the main focus in the modern living room is the artworks and the fine craftsmanship pieces.

Historic French Manor by Jean-Louis Deniot

Inspiring Interior Design Projects To Discover In Paris (Part 1!)

It was through a newspaper ad that top interior designer and architect Jean-Louis Deniot found this luxury French manor. It seems fitting that such a timeworn way of looking for a home was the ultimate gateway to obtaining this opulent house, given that some parts of it dated back as far as the 18th Century.

Home Of The Iconic Christian Louboutin by Jacques Grange

Inspiring Interior Design Projects To Discover In Paris (Part 1!)

Designed by Jacques Grange, this luxury home truly enhances the essence of the lord of high fashion design, Christian Louboutin. Located in the heart of Paris, when stepping inside of this modern apartment, it’s like you are taken right into the core of the designers’ mind, a life-scale sketch of what it’s like to have these stunning contemporary design ideas running inside of your head.

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Hotel André Latin

Inspiring Interior Design Projects To Discover In Paris (Part 1!)

The majestic André Latin hotel is located in the heart of the «Quartier Latin» close to the Luxembourg Gardens and the Pantheon, in the 5th Arrondissement of Paris, which is one of the oldest districts in the capital with its typical streets and universities. The location made the combination with our mid-century designs perfect.

Marble Wonder by Joseph Dirand

Inspiring Interior Design Projects To Discover In Paris (Part 1!)

As soon as Joseph Dirand laid eyes on the 2,600-square-foot space, with its picture-postcard view of Paris, he knew he’d found what he’d been looking for, and how he would make it his own. Clearly, stone is Joseph Dirand’s preferred material. Walls, flat surfaces, baths are all in soft-tone stone or marble. As with all his commissions, he brought on his favourite artisans, who know how to execute his taste for details.

Mesmerizing Paris Mansion by Jacques Grange

Inspiring Interior Design Projects To Discover In Paris (Part 1!)

Stepping inside an 1870s hôtel particulier in Paris, where tall windows overlook the river Seine and the Musée du Louvre, is to be transported back in time, to the Third Republic that followed the fall of Napoléon III, back when courtesans set the fashion and balls were the rule rather than the exception. Walls, ceilings, beams, doors, and floors pullulate with patterns and motifs: painted, gilded, dripping with trompe l’oeil pearls, swirling vegetation, swags of faux fabric, and great lashings of wedding-cake plasterwork. Mythological narratives are recounted in polychromatic terms, with Hercules attending to his labors across one ceiling as lissome Muses, from Erato to Urania, strike attitudes on walls.

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