Interior Design Projects From Monaco, Filled With Luxury and Glamour

Monaco is all about lifestyle. With so many fabulously remarkable properties, content, as in interior design, is just as important as style when it comes to buying or selling Monaco real estate. Being a luxury location, Monaco is also home to some outstanding interior design projects and interior design services for exclusive properties. Join Boca do Lobo Blog and discover the interior design projects from Monaco.

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26 Carré Or by Humbert & Poyet

Located in the golden triangle of Monaco, 26 Carré Or opens as one of the most prestigious residential high-rises in the world, designed by Humbert & Poyet. The building is surrounded by legendary landmarks, steps away from the famous Casino square, Hôtel de Paris, the One Monte Carlo shopping centre, and Hotel Hermitage. All white, mirrored, detailed in brass and illuminated in the evening, the high-rise presides over the area with elegance enhancing the best from the luxury and contemporary design.

70s-Era Monaco Home by Humbert & Poyet

Consolidating 2 interior design projects in a 1970’s building – complete with an era-appropriate, ceramic mosaic façade – afforded the designers the unusual chance to work in a 380 square meter space – a size which is highly unusual in the area – with a 100 square meter balcony facing one of the most striking landscapes in the world.

Apartment GL by Carte Blanche Design Monaco

Carte Blanche Design Monaco offers chic designs and is a relative newcomer in Monaco, having established an exclusive furniture showroom in just 2011. Run by a design duo; their interior design projects focus on residential properties, including spa facilities and even homes on the water with yacht interiors too.

Appartement 4/5 pièces FP by Luxe Chic & Décoration

Luxe Chic et Décoration specializes in high profile interior renovations for clients with specific needs but a single objective in common – owning a sophisticated and elegant home that suits their personal interior design taste. With this in mind, the firm chose PullCast for its newest interior design project in a Flor Palace Apartment in Monte-Carlo, Monaco. The clients wanted a home with a modern and sophisticated style and a dark colour palette with white marble accents, making it the perfect luxury setting.

Covet House Boca do Lobo Luxxu Maison Valentina PullCast Circu

Contemporary Modern 16 Million Penthouse by Covet House

The second of a series of luxury curated houses by Covet House, now in a completely different style, this 295 sqm, 8 room penthouse in Monaco focuses on functionality and contemporary modern design in neutral tones to create an effortlessly chic look. The social areas include an open-plan kitchen, dining and living area, as well as a powder room and a home office. Moreover, the interior design project features two extraordinary private areas – a sophisticated master bedroom which includes its own living area, and the magical kids quarters which include the bedroom, a play and study area and bathroom.

Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo by Prince Albert II

The prince’s foray into decorating began in the middle of a five-year restoration of the Hôtel de Paris, a Belle Epoque treasure designed by Godinot de la Bretonnerie in 1864. In 2017, he opted to transform the hotel’s exclusive Winston Churchill Suite into a penthouse duplex named Princess Grace.

Jimmy’z Monte – Carlo Nightclub by Serenite Luxury

Jimmy’z Monte – Carlo is VIP’s favorite club, where the decks are spun by the world’s top DJs and Methuselahs of champagne reign supreme. For more than 40 years, Jimmy’z legendary club has attracted celebrities thanks to its outstanding setting, electric atmosphere and cutting-edge programming. Some of the hottest names in electronic dance music hit the turntables of the club.

Riviera Marriott Hotel by Tania Architecture d’Intérieur

The management of the Riviera Mariott Hotel, La Porte de Monaco in Cap d’ Ail, recently entrusted the architects of Tania Architecture d’Intérieur with a project to completely redesign its restaurant space. Their architects made a clean slate of the old restaurant in order to completely renovate, rearrange and decorate the space with an adapted choice of materials and furniture. The result is a modern, functional and warm interior design project.

House Of BL Paris

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