10 Living Rooms by Jonathan Adler to Inspire You this Spring

Yesterday, we talked about Spring Trends for 2017 by  Boca do Lobo with special focus on pastel hues, iconic pieces and design trends and influences that are going to be on the spotlight in the upcoming season. Today, we´ve gathered some of the best interior design projects by Jonathan Adler, the renowned American interior designer, well know for the usage of bold colors and unique decorative elements, according to his personal and Indistinguishable style.  10 Living Rooms by Jonathan Adler to Inspire You this Spring

Jonathan Adler is a decorator of many styles, yet the look and feel that he brings to interiors can be boiled down to two words: happy and chic. “What is happy chic?” you ask. While it is as dynamic and hard to define as Adler himself, at its essence, happy chic is about personal style. A space that’s comfy but filled with stuff that has meaning to you with things created and inspired by passionate people. Personal style should make you happy and happiness is chic.

Top 10 Inspiring Living Room Designs by Jonathan Adler!

Jonathan Adler Project for Private Residence Palm Beach.


Jonathan Adler Living Room ideas in yellow and gold. Is this not beautiful for Spring?

Jonathan-Adler-Interior-Design-Inspiration-for-Living-Room-ProjectsJonathan Adler has designed this beautiful and very colorful living room design projects with amazing golden details that we believe will inspire you for Spring!

Jonathan-Adler-Colourful-Project-for-New-York-Triplex-Jonathan Adler colorful project for New York Triplex.

Jonathan Adler Barbie Malibu’s dream home! In this living room design set, Jonathan Adler was able to mix pink and orange in a very beautiful and inspiring way!

Jonthan-Adler-and-his-philosophy-in-design-your-home-should-make-you-happyJonathan Adler has a unique philosophy in design, according to which your home should make you happy!


Jonathan Adler has designed a very sophisticated and modern living room design set.

Jonathan Adler played with colours to create a fresh living room atmosphere, which is perfect for Spring days!

Jonathan Adler has a unique way to mix colors and create beautiful living room design projects that truly inspire us!

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Jonathan Adler Living Room Inspirations:

living room design projects
Jonathan Adler´s living room design projects are funny but modern at the same time.

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