The Perfect Dining Room for Entertaining

There are many secrets that help throw an unforgettable dinner party. Yet, environment and dining room set-up are key. This means every great host has a great dining table – where comfort to accommodate all guests is as important as the overall feeling it delivers to the perfect dining room dining room. It often comes down to materials,surface length, lighting, and surrounding pieces. If you’re looking for solutions to keep you bustling dinner party schedule strong, or just a long lasting solution for your large family, look no further – we’ve got 10 dining rooms that will get you all sorts of inspired. See our selection below:

Boca do Lobo empire dining table

Our Empire dining table shouts charisma. With heavy metal-work and a gorgeous use of ebony veneer, mirrored down the centre. These are the details that make the difference!

Brabbu Koi dining table

Brabbu‘s Koi dining table is an iconic table. A clear table top (available in glass or acrylic) gives the user a look into some of the base’s details. A timeless look, with the glass and brass combination never going out of style.

Boca do Lobo Fortuna Dining Table

The Fortuna dining table is perfect for telling stories. Its organic shape is filled with texture that enhance its conceptual background. Seating up to 16 people, this covetable dining table has statement written all over it.

The monochromatic dining table is also incredibly appealing, especially for more formal events. The same goes for the tall-back dining chairs, which undoubtedly fit a black tie do.


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