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50 Playing Tables for a Modern Gaming Room

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With an increased demand in modern gaming rooms in today’s household , interior designers and house owners alike, face themselves with another challenge of completing yet another division within a given context. Now, this challenge can either be perceived as fun, or as indeed, complicated, depending on the flexibility in decor, and the projects constraints, from room dimensions and characteristics, to the owners wishes.

Traditionally, the gaming room is characterised by a more masculine environment, when compared to the rest of the house’s divisions, and is where boys’ toys are stored/displayed and used. Choosing the appropriate furniture and layout for the modern gaming room is key, in order to reach the craved feeling known as relaxation and playtime, and making the most of this room concept, which is ever so sweet.

In this Inspiration & Ideas instalment, we explore a selection of 50 gaming tables, and other case-goods, from snooker and poker tables, to bar cabinets – i.e. The key essentials for any functional and loveable gaming room.



50 Playing Tables for a Gaming Room modern gaming room 50 Playing Tables for a Modern Gaming Room Snooker Turned

The snooker table is a more complex piece than most believe, and is characterised by various elements which must be carefully analysed before a final selection.

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