Boutique Hotel “Mama Shelter” Is Wild and Unconventional

The boutique hotel chain “Mama Shelter” conquers Lille with another hotel and plays with daring modern interior design in the hearts of the guests. Mama Lille is poppy, wild and unconventional.
After Rio, LA, Prague, London and five other French cities opened the boutique hotel chain “Mama Shelter” another house in Lille, the World Capital of Design 2020. The interior design projects of this hotel always enhance a fun vibe and we bet you just can’t wait to see it all inside!

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There is a mix of patterns on the ground floor of this boutique hotel: a variety of designs hang from the ceiling as curtains or cover the most diverse chair and bank constellations. Here is also worth a lookup, because above all rests a deep black ceiling with chalk paintings. Isn’t this contemporary interior design absolutely amazing? Modern Sofa Designs You Must Know About: Fall Edition Inside of this trendy hotel, you can enjoy a marvelous restaurant and bar experience. The Mama Shelter boutique hotel has everything for you to enjoy your stay, and to appreciate the complete epitome of modern interior design merged with contemporary art.

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