Top 10 Interior Design Projects That Enhance Summer Vibes

We can no longer say that summer is just around the corner because summer is here and it is thriving! During summertime, everything feels fresher, happier and more colorful, needless to say, that interior design projects usually suffer a slight change during this season because people want to follow these good vibes and match it with its interior design. We have gathered 10 interior design projects that have been sunkissed by this hot season and with the help of some of the most talented names in this industry

Charles Zana

Charles Zana realized the architecture and interiors for this contemporary house in Switzerland. The large volumes slot together, allowing in light from the gardens designed by Jacques Wirtz. One of the contemporary interior design projects filled with light that enhances true summer vibes.

David Collins

The London Penthouse, a David Collins masterpiece right in the center of Manhattan that can be seen as the pinnacle of luxury and sophistication, interior design projects wise. Collins paid meticulous attention to detail when he created this serene, sophisticated and sumptuous space.

Ferris Rafauli

This Ferris Rafauliscontemporary design is located in a Lake Ontario town on the outskirts of Toronto. One of the interior design projects that merges the summery vibes with some imposing dark interior design ideas. Top 10 Interior Design Projects That Enhance Summer Vibes

Francis Sultana

The grand salon and rooftop of Sultana’s own home in Malta make this, one of our favorite interior design projects.

Jean-Louis Deniot

The Paris-base architect and interior designer Jean-Louis Deniot is one of the most influential interior designers of nowadays. Constantly featured in top interior designer lists of prestigious publications such as Elle Decor or Architectural Digest.

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Finishes Boca do Lobo

Ken Fulk

Ken Fulk is a designer of experiences big and small. He is renowned for his layered interiors and over-the-top parties. His interior design projects are wild and whimsical and it’s truly a world of his own.


Based in Porto, Portugal, Ointoemponto enjoys pampering its refined clientele with Exclusive Design interiors. Vintage glamour and modern flamboyance define the work of Jacques Bec and Artur Miranda. This one of their interior design projects in the five-star Portuguese summer destination, Algarve.

Rafael de Cárdenas 

Born in Cuba and raised in Manhattan Rafael De Cárdenawas once described as “A Renaissance Man With An Intrinsic Sense For Colour”.

Ryan Korban

Specializing mainly in retail and luxury interior designRyan Korban has been responsible for fashion designer houses like Balenciaga and Alexander Wang, for example. And, he has also worked with huge names from the film and fashion industries, such as James Franco, Jessica Stam, and Vanessa Traina.

Yabu Pushelberg

Last but not least on this Top 10 Interior Design Projects That Enhance Summer Vibes the final modern project belongs to Yabu Pushelberg. Located at the Hamptons, this home is the perfect summer destination or just a simple weekend getaway.

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