The Symbol of Maximalism: Inside A Miami’s Apartment by Sig Bergamin

Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of Santos, Sig Bergamin signed interior design projects throughout Brazil and even Europe and the United States, with an extravagant style he himself states as a synopsis of modern eclecticism, ethnic diversity, iconic humor, and huge versatility. If you are a design-lover, you will get amazed by this stunning modern interior design project by this Brazilian top interior designer: Boca do Lobo Blog presents to you a supreme apartment in Miami by Sir Bergamin – a symbol of pure Maximalism.
Triumphant, jewel-toned hues and rough pattern play are Brazilian top interior designer Sig Bergamin identity cards and there is no space for minimalism, but only for maximalism. Featuring modern furniture pieces, the interior designer employed his fearless color philosophy into Miami’s luxury apartment project. Inside this modern apartment, it is possible to see how Sig Bergamin incorporates into the design of this home all his personal taste and talent for decoration. Always a lover of cultures, styles, colors, and textures, Sig Bergamin is a citizen of the world, but his greatest passion has been the wealth of the Orient. See also: Top 10 Interior Design Projects That Enhance Summer Vibes Mirrors Boca do Lobo Throughout this apartment, Sig Bergamin elevates Asian influences flourish: interior doors inspired by mashrabiya, an Islamic form of latticework, were built to isolate rooms, but instead of traditional holes to filter light, the Brazilian top interior designer filled them with mirrors for privacy. Inside the apartment, a series of vintage prints anchor a contemporary living room wall, while nearby paintings by Fernando Botero, a Colombian artist, set a disposition that’s both serious and playful: vibrant portraits amplify the size of people. In Miami, the interior designer looked to the sea for inspiration to transform the modern apartment into a welcoming beach retreat with a joyful vibe. He wrinkled walls with coral stone, which presents a warm glow. Also, some aqua curtains in the master bath duplicate the color of the sea below and a bed coverlet trimmed in pale blue remind an azure sky. Currently, Sig Bergamin has contemporary design projects all over Brazil, and in other countries like Uruguay, United States, France, England, and Portugal. See also: 10 Precious Jewelry Cases With An Exclusive Design Mirrors Boca do Lobo Source: Veranda

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